The O.C.D. Process

1. Every project begins with a discussion that includes a tour of the areas of concern. This lays the foundation for our work together!

2. We’ll talk about your lifestyle as you’ll want it to benefit your organizing needs. We’ll go over what works & what doesn’t work. And ultimately what you need to help benefit your space and make it functional, and most importantly livable.

3. We will make a game plan and go from there! We start with purging if its needed and if you are working along with us, we will keep you on track & make the process a breeze! Organizing & Purging can be very tedious and sometimes emotional, so we do our best to keep you from getting overwhelmed!

4. Once a plan is set, we clear the room of everything! Figure out a system that will work & reuse organizing items you already have in your home. If there is something that would be better in a room, we’ll take measurements, suggest products, and we can purchase for you or let you know where to buy it

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